Volcano Platinum is a mirror site.

  • To enter the casino:
  • 1. Follow the link to the official website.
  • 2. At the top of the page, click the Login or Register button.
  • 3. Log in to your personal account, or register.
  • 4. For new players a 110% deposit bonus and 15FS are available.
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Over the past few years, the field of gembling has grown considerably. The number of players who want to try their hand at online casinos and bookmaker offices has increased significantly. An audience is added daily, and there are many more new players. Often, newcomers are faced with significant problems. One of them is the search of working mirrors. With many there is an interesting situation: at one point, the player accidentally sees that it is very different address on the site. This immediately frightens people, because at the moment comes the thought of fraud. What will happen to the money? Will it be possible to take it out? Haven't you hacked into your account? All these are questions that you will be able to get answers to in this material.

Mirror - exit for casino owners

. What is an online casino mirror? There's nothing wrong with that definition. Today, from a technical point of view, a mirror is a full copy of the main site. The difference between the official site and the mirror will NOT be seen by a simple user and a professional, because there is no such thing.

What features are available? All the functionality that is present on the main version of the site is available.
  1. All personal user data
  2. .
  3. Balance;
  4. .
  5. Supported correspondence stories
  6. .
  7. Filling and withdrawal;
  8. Message with administration.
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IMPORTANT: There are no restrictions on any casino mirror! The only difference is the domain name (site address in your browser).

Why do online casinos run mirrors? The main reason for this is the legality on the market of CIS countries. In 2014, the Russian Federation was the first to hit the legalization of the gambling industry. The government adopted a number of bills that allow to perform several important tasks. First of all, a special body was developed that blocks all Internet resources related to gambling. Online casinos - sites that offer users to invest money illegally. Therefore, they are blocked on a mandatory basis. IMPORTANT: online casinos will NOT be licensed. Today there is no technical possibility to get a license from a casino (this function is provided only for bookmaker's offices). Russia has launched Roskomnadzor (special body for blocking gambling sites). Every day it banishes hundreds of Internet resources. Every online casino is automatically blocked. Mirrors are made for this purpose. Once one address is blocked, players have to go to another.

Reasons for locks

. The first and most important is tax regime violation. Financial authorities can NOT control the flow of funds. Money goes past the treasury, which is a huge problem that the government has tried to solve. The second problem is the registration of users who have NOT reached the age of 18. Children invest their money in casinos in the hope of quick earnings. All this has led to the fact that in every online casino users are forced to pass identification (identity verification). For this purpose they are provided:

Admiral Casino

Quite a well-known brand in Russian-speaking countries. Casino Admiral enjoys great popularity. To date, it has about 300,000 registered users. Every day more than 20 - 30 000 people play on the platform. This allows you to receive significant amounts of money, create large jackpots and draw good prizes. IMPORTANT: the opening date is 2014. There is no information about the owners of the casino. The site says that the legal documentation is NOT provided for security reasons. The information is confidential.


. Designed in bright colors. From the first seconds there is a significant attitude towards the brand "Admiral". The owners make a special emphasis on it.


. To start working users only need to fill in the minimum amount of information: IMPORTANT: it is better to be identified immediately. In the future, this will be mandatory for withdrawal. The site works only in one language - Russian. The casino is designed exclusively for Russian-speaking users.

Application range

. In online casinos users can meet the following types of games:

Sactions and bonuses

New players of online casino Admiral will receive a deposit bonus of 100% - 125%. Deposit bonuses are only 8. Also users will get freespins and cacheback. From the first day there is a separate bonus program. You can find the Admiral Casino mirror on our website. The administration is working daily to ensure that players have only working links.

Casino X

. It is quite a famous gambling establishment among Russian-speaking players. Casino X is rightly among the top ten.

General information

. The owners of the casino - the company Darklace Limited. Esli